Play with a virtual toy box filled with over 30 original puzzles. Take it easy and explore the puzzles at your own pace, or prepare for a challenge and attempt to solve the puzzles after a thorough scramble.

Some puzzles are common and recognizable while others are downright bizarre: you have never experienced puzzles like these before.

Every puzzle is playable in both 2D and VR. Play however you want.

14 puzzles are available from the start. The rest are accessed with cheat codes hidden throughout the game. Find these secret puzzles and become a true puzzle master.

Fully customize puzzles with your favorite colors!

Included Puzzles:

• 2x2x2
• 3x3x3
• 3x3x4
• Bandaged 3x3x4
• 24 Cube
• 48 Cube
• Binary Dwarf Planets
• Binary Planets
• Sol 25
• Luna 25
• Sol 17
• Mixup Cube
• Mixup Cube Plus
• Mixup Octahedron
• Slice Cube
• Tricky Tower
• 96 Cube
• 4x4x4
• 4x4x4 with Super Edges!
• Imposter Cube
• Corner Cube
• Dodecahedron
• Checkerboard Mixup
• Checkerboard Mixup Plus
• Bandaged 48 Cube
• Infinity Cube
• Magic 3x3x3s A
• Magic 3x3x3s B
• Chop-O-Matic
• Corruption Cube
• Fragment Cube
• Binary Corruptions
• Mike's Mixup
• Mole Cube
• Bubble
• 2x2x2 Squared
• Mike's Jumble
• Master Infinity Cube

European Launch Early 2019

PC Launch Early 2019

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