The Forged Kingdoms OT: Dream Bigger

Started by Legend, Sep 26, 2019, 08:18 PM

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The Forged Kingdoms is taking form. With a clear development roadmap and core functionality already implemented, it was time to move to a new thread. The previous OT can be found here.


The Forged Kingdoms: Cosmos

The world is young. A massive 1 million sq km world is forged exclusively for you to explore.

  • 1,048,576 square kilometer world without invisible walls.
  • Wide variety of biomes making every location feel unique.
  • Full simulation of natural life.
  • Seasons.

The Forged Kingdoms: Survival

For the first time you can remember, your body grows hungry. Hunt for food, craft shelter, and battle the elements. Death is coming for you.

  • Craft everything from anything.
  • Persistent items.
  • Basic combat and world interaction.
  • Sword crafting
  • Axe crafting
  • Fishing rod crafting
  • Bow crafting
  • Arrow crafting
  • House crafting
  • Farm crafting
  • Bread crafting
  • Pie crafting
  • Cake crafting
  • Stew crafting
  • Cheese crafting
  • Sausage crafting

The Forged Kingdoms: Kinship

You are not alone. Other humans are now part of the world. They can do everything you can and will craft communities on their own. Make friends or make enemies depending on your actions, every one of them is individually simulated with thoughts and emotions. Online multiplayer is also added so group up with friends and rule the world.

  • Shared worlds between friends.
  • Advanced combat.

The Forged Kingdoms: Adventure

The Forged Kingdoms: Regicide

Thrones are forged and communities band together. Complex politics play out with real conversations, wars are waged, and cities rebel. Claim your position at the top.

  • Social hierarchies.
  • Birthrights.


Early Access Roadmap

The Forged Kingdoms: Cosmos
Free pre-early access while the game is still in a raw state. Progress does not carry over and access is revoked as the game switches to early access.

The Forged Kingdoms: Survival
Polished early access with core gameplay finished. $10 and yours forever with free upgrades. Progress can carry over.

The Forged Kingdoms: Kinship
First major update while in early access. Price increases to $20 for new buyers while current owners get the update for free.

The Forged Kingdoms: Adventure
Second major update. Price increases to $30 and current owners get the update for free.

The Forged Kingdoms: Regicide
Final major update and the game leaves early access. Price increases to $40 and current owners get the update for free.

Post-release plans

The $40 price is locked in and does not increase, even as free expansions are released. Paid expansions are not currently planned. Microtransactions will never be used.



I'm hoping to release The Forged Kingdoms: Cosmos in about a week. It'll be a free tech demo more than anything else but it's an important milestone for development. Past this point the majority of work will be art and gameplay related instead of tech related.

The world is very bland atm. A goal during the Cosmos will be to determine the game's art style and get good visuals working.


The Forged Kingdoms: Cosmos will be releasing tomorrow!!!

This free release will be a true alpha build with lots of raw elements. The main goal is to get feedback on the terrain system. I'll hand out steam keys to any member that contacts me.


The Forged Kingdoms Cosmos

Available Now!

That's right!!! The very first alpha build is here and up on Steam. Send me a pm or whatever if you wish to experiment with the procedural world generation.


I'm not an artist but I spent a bit of time theming this area to make sure all the procedural generation tools work well together. I've reworked a few things to make land generation insanely powerful and insanely fast. This video shows the early stages of this new system. I think the end result will conservatively be ~1,500% higher quality/detail and ~10,000% faster to generate (generation is being moved to the GPU which really really good at massively parallel problems).


Cosmos 0.0.2 has been released.

  • Terrain generation switched to signed distance field method instead of interpolation method. This produces much nicer results with both hard crisp edges and non grid placement. This change decreases the accuracy of distant terrain outlines, but this can be improved in other ways.
  • Tint added to procedural generation system.
  • Water and river height added to simulation but not finished.
  • New physics for player.
  • Dumb car added to test physics.
  • 4 additional LODs added.
  • Improvements with world baking.

I'm targeting weekly updates at this stage to keep everything going smoothly.


Fairly new to discord but I'm in the process of setting one up: Discord


Right now I'm viewing everything as rapid prototyping. Just get results as fast as possible. Will save me time in the long run even if I have to do the same work multiple times.

This grass and rock and cacti placement is super dumb. It's just a random scatter. End objective is to have these items synced with terrain generation so trees and rocks can look hand placed and grounded.


Also I made a public playlist for all these videos so that they are easy to find:


Cosmos 0.0.3 has been pushed to the closed alpha. It includes all the changes shown in the previous video.



I've modeled a stand in for the player. In the final game it will be generated but for the moment I just need something that looks good and works with the rest of the systems.

So now I'm doing animations.

It's really really interesting. Once again I'm looking at using procedural generation to both save time and get better results.

The player will actually move like an AI robot I think.