Weekly Update #170

Started by The Machine, May 31, 2019, 06:00 PM

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The Machine


It's Friday! Here are the top ten topics from the past week that you most likely didn't see.

Planet Zoo Announced
Views: 20

Your Dream Game that will probably never be made
Views: 41

Weekly Update #169
Views: 53

Blood & Truth: bet on the metacritic
Views: 54

Death Stranding Releases November 8th, New Gameplay/ Story Trailer
Views: 87

Youtube tracking pre E3
Views: 91

The top poster of the past week was Legend with 37 posts. This has earned them a ticket in the monthly raffle. Xevross was second with 21 posts and the-1/2 tau-guy was third with 15 posts.

The top thread starter of the past week was also Legend with 3 topics. This has earned them an additional ticket in the monthly raffle.

Legend received the most likes this week (17), and Legend liked the most things this week (16). They  get 2 tickets in the monthly raffle.

Legend added the most games to the database this week, a total of 5. We thank them for their work and award them 5 raffle tickets.

There are currently 245041 posts on our forum. Only 4959 left till we hit 250000!

I'll be back next week with with another thread.
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