Predict day one games for next gen systems

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Started by Legend, Jan 13, 2020, 04:18 AM

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i mean, i think it is important to put things in context of the ps4 launch titles:

Sony Computer Entertainment Titles
Killzone Shadow Fall   (AAA)
Knack  (AA)
Resogun (Downloadable only)
Flower (port)
Sound Shapes (port)
Escape Plan (port)
Flow (port)

i think it is pretty reasonable to expect a similar distribution with one obvious flaw in that ps4 games will all be compatible with ps5 without the need to port.

For the downloadable only game that feels impossible to guess.  there are too many quality developers to pull but whatever it is will probably be cross gen,.. just released on the ps5 release date with some extra marketing fanfare.

for the AA i kind of forget about bluepoint's announcement.  that has a good chance to be a ps5 launch day exclusive.   since they deal with ports mostly i'll bet it is sony's yearly-ish ps2 remake.   in part because sony is running out of ps2 games to remake and in part because i really, really want it to happen i'm going to say a remake of ratchet and clank going commando.  

for the AAA game i think we are all on the right trail.  Horizon 2, next GT, something from Japan Studio, something from insomniac.   i can't say for sure which one is the launch day release but all are possibilities.  maybe legend has a point and Horizon 2 is not prioritized for launch day but rather be the big spring released game.  if so i think maybe the japan studio game as the best chance to be release day as would benefit the most from the launch day hype.    regardless,.. this is probably ps5's first year of games and not much else. we gamers always like to say "next year is going to be staked" and it never happens.  4 AAA releases a year is a lot of first party content.   

..actually, i'll add that Naughty Dog's "multiplayer project" that isn't shipping with TLoU2 is likely to release in the first year too.  since it was at one point part of TLoU2 it should be too far behind TLoU2's release date.

for the ports:
 - TLoU 2
 - ghost of tsushima 
 - death stranding
Each of these receives an a release formally packaged as ps5.  each of these games get a "patch" to bring 4k textures and resolution bump to show off the new hardware.  hopefully that patch is backwards compatible for those that purchased these game on ps4.