Predict day one games for next gen systems

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Started by Legend, Jan 13, 2020, 04:18 AM

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Godfall-it is already announced as releasing around then. Seems like a 50/50 on being there day one.

Insomniac game-Not spiderman, but Insomniac traditionally has worked on multiple games and I bet they had one already in development before being purchased. Also I totally forgot they were purchased.

GenDesign game, The Last Guardian devs-It's been a long time since they released a game. Outside of a teaser, I don't think much is known about their next project.

Xbox Series X

Halo Infinite-pretty much confirmed at this point.

Everwild-also seems very likely.

Third party for both

Next assassin's creed.

Next COD.

Fortnight and lots of gaas ports.


Horizon 2-After doing Killzone as a launch title, I don't think Sony wants to risk this large of a game again. An early 2021 release makes more sense so the game can be delayed an extra month or two if needed.

God of War 2-Come on, we all know it'll be their big summer 2021 release.