Predict day one games for next gen systems

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Started by Legend, Jan 13, 2020, 04:18 AM

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Horizon 2-After doing Killzone as a launch title, I don't think Sony wants to risk this large of a game again. An early 2021 release makes more sense so the game can be delayed an extra month or two if needed.
the bigger risk is releasing the ps5 without a large AAA next gen exclusive.  sony wants/needs people to upgrade and horizon is massively popular both in sales (10 million plus) and is user and gaming press darling.  

killzone was never a well received.  i can't find much in the way of hard numbers but kz2 was announced to have only crossed 1 million units after 2 months.   ...and kz3 had a smaller launch at least in the first 2 weeks.   that might mean kz shadow fall's 2.1 million units was the best selling killzone title in the franchise.

actually,.. horizon had 2.6 million in "under two weeks"   meaning it probably outsold each of the kz games LTD sales in it's first week.  horizon would be a fantastic game to drive initial ps5 sales.   i know it would make me upgrade at launch instead of waiting 6 months like i did for ps4.