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Started by nnodley, Dec 28, 2017, 04:07 PM

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Finally got my level designed!! Decided against being able to walk between some areas and all can only be accessed through portals which are also all working.  Some areas were running around 50fps and most were 60fps.  I capped it at 30fps for now since it's really smooth at 30fps cause it's literally locked at that in every area.  I think I might look into having a 30fps option with all the foliage pushed to the max for those with powerful rigs and still try and get a solid 60fps with the same settings if I can.

I'm running gtx 1080 with 8gb vram, ryzen 8 core, and 32gb of RAM.  I'll have to boot up my old rig with a gtx 680, intel quad core, and 16gb RAM to see how it runs on that.
Are you not just going to have various graphics options for people to fiddle with? It can be very hard predicting how different rigs will handle different elements.