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Started by nnodley, Dec 28, 2017, 04:07 PM

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Yeah hows the level design going? Can you play from level to level yet?
Not quite. It's close, maybe another week or so.  I have a portal system I might try to get running tomorrow.  I built a small version of it, but what I have trouble with is not having a crash when going through and trying to load out 1 level and loading in another.  The portals are a part of the technology in the world so that is the main mode of transportation, but there is also ways i'm trying to connect 2 levels together and then have the other 2 connected as well.  So there will be multiple ways to travel if the player wants to, but will miss collectables not necessary to the overall story, but might miss some background lore.

Also looking into a way to have a recording play automatically as the player gets to certain areas with a trigger box.  It should be pretty simple just setting up an event on trigger to play the recording.   This will get rid of the need of datapad collectables(original idea), but now need someone who has a great voice to record what I write.   I can get a much more natural feel to the story this way, that I noticed when writing it out.  And it keeps the player in the game as they hear the story.

Lately i've been hoping to maybe work towards January or February release(which would be 6-7 months after original date).  i do feel I can hit that since I have a lot of assets now to use.  I just need to develop the overall look for the manmade/technology stuff.  i have an idea of what I want I just need to get some concepts of them from someone I know that I went to school with. 

Feeling good about it all though, so just need to keep the momentum.

Sorry for mini wall of text. lol