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Started by Mmm_fish_tacos, Sep 05, 2015, 06:10 PM

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How sick of Pi's VR hype are you?


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Minecraft VR will mean a lot for the medium this year and the press went hands-on with it two weeks ago. The game offers two modes for VR: A virtual cinema mode in which the game shows in 3D stereoscopic in front of you on a huge cinema screen. Apparently you can control some selection with your gaze as well. This mode supposedly works really well for what it is. With a touch of a button however you enter full-immersion mode where you control the character in traditional FPS style. This comes as a no shock to most who follow VR developments but traditional FPS traversal is poison in VR. Minecraft has instant and fast motions in all directions with big drops, jumps etc. Users become sweaty and motion-sickness develop rapidly.  Lo-and-behold various impressions on twitter following the event, culminating in hands-on videos like this by Polygon: and Tom's hardware:,31309.html
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 The NauseaOn my first playthrough of the game, I briefly played in the virtual living room before hopping into the actual Minecraft world. However, the feeling of nausea came around after a few seconds in the unique VR view. Throughout the demo, I had to be cautious about the speed of my head turns and my character's overall movement. When combined, those two actions can result in a dizzying experience. Eventually, the nausea somewhat subsided near the end of the demo. However, there were issues with the game recording software, so video footage wasn't available. I had a slightly better experience on my second run through of the game (which is the video included in this story), but my dizziness lingered as I made my way through the map.Nausea has not been an issue for me in most of the VR games I've played. Even EVE: Valkyrie, with its fast-paced space flight action, didn't make me feel sick, but Minecraft, a simple game of creativity and survival, gave me an uncomfortable experience in VR. It seems, then, that the virtual living room was created for those who might have issues playing the game in a true VR mode.

Ultimately Oculus (ironically) are on the verge of poisoning the VR-well in a spectacular fashion right now in their reach for a huge-get with the Minecraft IP. Microsoft... I don't think they really care one way or the other (see: Hololens bs marketing etc). Everyone will want to try this in VR with huge expectations. If the first-impressions are bad (with grown-ups and younger audiences alike) it could turn a huge amount of people off VR.The solution is thankfully really simple: Just drop the full-immersion mode completely! The cinema mode isn't a full VR experience but Oculus and Microsoft *really shouldn't* shoehorn this non-VR game into full-immersion mode with the current design. It is not designed for VR at all as-is.