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as much as was on during reasonable times,  i dont like watching delayed stuff lol

alot of the snow boarding and free style ski was on early enough in the evening, as was some curling
I'm not a big fan of events.  :p
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Last post by Legend - Today at 02:33 AM
Absolutely none.

I watched a ton. The olympics are great.
Off-Topic Community / Re: General Politics Thread
Last post by the-pi-guy - Today at 01:39 AM
Megathread: Democrats Release Redacted Memo Rebutting Republican Claims of Surveillance Abuse : politics

Steele Dossier played NO role in opening the Carter Page investigation. They began their investigation prior to even receiving it.

The DOJ did in fact inform the court of the origin of the Steele Dossier.

They accuse Nunes of deliberately misrepresenting the underlying FISA Warrant intelligence.

Four different judge's approved FISA warrants including judge's appointed by Bush and Reagan. Multiple DOJ officials also approved the applications prior to the court even seeing them including Trump appointees Rosenstein and Boente.

They actually started listening to Page after he left Trump campaign so the idea they were watching him to spy on Trump is absurd.

Page has a long history with Russia going back to 2004 and was being actively investigated once before already in 2013. The FBI had even interviewed him in 2016 again prior to receiving the Steele Dossier. The Steele dossier was referenced in the application as corroboration of certain things, and not to independently demonstrate.

A bunch of blacked out additional evidence with a bit in the middle noting Page lied to the HIC in his testimony in 2017 about meeting with Russian officials.

It included the footnote that discusses the Steele dossier source which SPECIFICALLY STATES ..."The FBI speculates the the unidentified U.S. Person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit Candidate #1's campaign." Candidate 1 is Trump I believe, edit I previously thought Person 1 was Steele, this is the person coordinating with Steele. Steele is Source #1.

DOJ timely informed the court when the FBI fired Steele and why.

The attacks on Bruce Ohr for knowing Steele/and his wife working for Fusion GPS are 100% baseless. He was not involved in the FISA process and disclosed his relationships in November 2016.

Basically Nunes and Gowdy lied whole cloth that the FISA warrant was primarily based on a news article and the Steele Dossier. Those were in fact the least used and most minor pieces of evidence and they picked them out specifically for that reason to discredit the investigation and lied about their use.

Off-Topic Community / Re: The Anime Thread
Last post by the-pi-guy - Today at 12:08 AM
Do you still buy anime?  Normally I pick stuff up from Rightstuf for their Christmas sale, but for the past two years I haven't.
I buy movies and stuff when I can.

Wifey and I are likely to buy all the Studio Ghibli movies.  She really likes them.
Just bought From Up on Poppy Hill.  

She also loved Totoro.  
Tried it awhile ago. Seemed unfinished. But ill check it out again.
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Last post by Dr. Pez - Yesterday at 10:48 PM
Fortnite is *really* popular. | ResetEra


Like it's just everywhere nowadays. Biggest comeback in gaming history.
I've downloaded it but still not tried it
Game News Discussion / Fortnite is *really* popular.
Last post by Legend - Yesterday at 10:16 PM
Fortnite is *really* popular. | ResetEra

I can't remember the last time a new game reached the zeitgeist like this. It's insane.  Check out this tweet of NFL players discussing: Barstool sports talks about it non stop. All my friends are playing it, the ones who used to only play sports games and COD. Anyone else noticing this phenomenon?  
Like it's just everywhere nowadays. Biggest comeback in gaming history.
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