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Gaming Community / Re: PlayStation Community Thre...
Last post by Kerotan - Today at 08:23 AM
Gow $17 at gamestop. Who was it that said they wanted to get the retail copy?
Tragic software output? Yeah I'd highly disagree with that

Third parties being on a console isn't a given or something that's by default, it needs hard work to achieve and work to maintain. Just look at Nintendo. It's nonsense to call software output on the Xbox as tragic when the highest rated game of the gen released on the system, and they just released a 90+ exclusive a few months ago. Sony's exclusive output has been more consistent and with higher quality, specially in recent years true, but the Xbox has a massive amount of high quality games.
You know what I fooking mean. 1st party output. Wow they get most third parties? Jeez congrats MS. The only reason Nintendo don't get them too is because their hardware is too weak. Regardless I wasn't talking 3rd party. MS don't deserve good sales and I hope they don't get them.
Please do. I noticed the numbers were high too
Gaming Community / Re: Video Game Sales Thread
Last post by Kerotan - Today at 08:10 AM
Decent start for Pokémon
Gaming Community / Re: Super Smash Bros Ultimate:...
Last post by Kerotan - Today at 08:10 AM
High 96
Middle 94
Low 88
Low: 88
Middle: 92
High: 95
She hit the floor...
Next thing you know
Shawdy got low low low low low low
Gaming Community / Re: Video Game Sales Thread
Last post by Cute Pikachu - Today at 07:21 AM
PR for Pokémon
3 million sold to customers before first week is done. Excellent start and is on a similar pace to ORAS(14 Million seller).
Gaming Community / Re: Fallout 76: bet on the met...
Last post by Dr. Pezus - Today at 06:59 AM
51 on meta! Ign gave it 5.0
We set a new record on the 17th. I'll have to look around to see what caused it.
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