A thoughtful puzzle driven campaign

A tactical and competitive FPS multiplayer

VizionEck is a story of discovery AND VizionEck is a fresh take on the FPS genre.

      One half of VizionEck sees the player isolated, disoriented, and powerless in a foreign and foreboding environment.  The narrative focuses on how this situation came to be, rather than the minute by minute actions during the game. This first-person puzzle-platformer is set in a tightly knit open world. Mystery is behind every corner.

      The other half of VizionEck is a re-imagining of the FPS formula, valuing game mechanics above everything else. This includes the combination of first and third person into a single perspective. Fundamentally it's a shooter without real life graphics as a restriction. Gameplay is fast and promotes strategy over reflexes.

      This "Home" page covers details about the game as a whole, while "Adventure" and "Battle" cover the specifics of each half.



Photo Mode
      VizionEck's photo mode has the defining ability to work "backwards." Screenshots found online or shared by friends can be converted back into real-time graphics.

      This simple concept has lots of wonderful and sometimes bizarre possibilities. A curious player could load the screenshot shown above, and then pan the camera downward to discover what's at the bottom of those pillars. An artistic player could load this screenshot, and then spice up the shot with new image effects and a better camera placement. An adventurous player could load this screenshot, and then continue playing as if it was their own save file. Etc, etc, etc.

      Converting from screenshot to game does not require a pristine quality image. If a player finds a low res screenshot with compression artifacts, they should still be able to load it into VizionEck without problems. It's then possible to resave the image with max quality settings.

*The original screenshot creator can enable/disable what's possible with their image.

Free DLC
      Players are directly involved with how fast and how much free DLC is released.  VizionEck's in game-currency is the backbone for this system. An Eckm (VizionEck money) is the game's unit of currency, earned by playing Adventure or Battle. Every time any online player earns an Eckm, VizionEck's "Community Score" also increases. Free DLC is released upon the Community Score reaching select milestones. Players can spend their Eckms to unlock game-skins, new maps, extras, bonuses, and more. DLC content is treated just like content available at launch, and usually needs to be unlocked as well.

      Free DLC will be released for the life of the game.

Theater Mode
      All Battle gameplay is automatically recorded as a 3D film, similar to theater modes in other games. The action can be replayed from any angle with any image effects. VizionEck's theater mode additionally shares many elements with its photo mode, including "backwards" conversion. Films can be converted to real-time Battle matches at any point during playback. When there are less players in the lobby than present in the recording, bots control the extra Rangers.

VizionEck Live
      Public Battle matches may be watched live, using similar 3D recordings to theater. Viewers can fly and navigate their own camera or look through the eyes of any player. Competitions and tournaments are the main draw of this feature, both official and player organized.

Game Skins
      The entire look and feel of VizionEck is customizable. Sound effects, graphics, image filters, music, etc. can be changed and modified as desired. Here is a very small sample of different visual changes.


Click to open in new tab.

Additional screenshots may be viewed in the Gallery.

General Information

  • Release Date: TBA
  • Systems: PS4 lifetime exclusive
  • Number of Online Players: 1-4 Adventure co-op, 1-16 Battle
  • Number of Local Players for Splitscreen: 1-4 Adventure co-op, 1-4 Battle
  • Number of Battle Levels: 12+
  • Price: Around $20
  • Project Morpheus support: Yes, and at @120fps with most game skins
  • Developer: VizionEck, AKA Mike Armbrust
  • DLC: Tons of it, all free
  • Microtransactions: Heck no


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Any idea on release?

I've discovered I'm horrible at predicting how long things will take, and I don't want to keep announcing delays. Sucks I know.

Development is going smoothly though. Last summer I started building version 3 from scratch. This version will be the release version. Adventure is currently being overhauld. Adding/removing/refining large chunks to make it play better.

Battle is playable offline from start to finish. Still need to re-set up matchmaking menus and networking. Will need to do a beta of some sort rightbefore release.
  • He sucks at sales estimates and predictions




I really need to spend some time making quality game skins. Here are the three I've been using for development.

So good looking! ::)
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Screenshot Saturday in video form.
  • He sucks at sales estimates and predictions


Aliasing has been a huge problem with VizionEck from the get go, and I just got a new solution up and running!

I was using 8XMSAA, the best Unity supports.

Even at max settings, the banding is really horrible along the top left line.

Zoomed in it's easy to see how jagged everything is.

Here are the same shots with my new AA solution applied.

And gifs comparing before and after.

It works by "ballooning" geometry and merging colors before the render. For a traditional game this would be an incredibly resource expensive function, but for VizionEck's minimal graphics it has zero impact on performance. Also only affects triangles once they are sub pixel sized, so I still need MSAA for standard edges.
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VizionEck in Japanese!

Oddly only working on PC right now. On PS4, the text is invisible.
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Hehe seeing the Witness's website makes me feel less bad about VizionEck's delays.


"To be released on multiple platforms -- whatever makes sense in late 2011, when the game will hopefully be finished."
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Game skin switching happens seamlessly in real time.

Spoiler for Large GIF:
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/FbBXQ47.gif" alt="" class="bbc_img">

I've more or less finished working on this feature and have checked it off the dev list!
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Haha oops!

Game skins work by searching every object in the scene and changing elements as needed. However this skips objects not in the scene, so say loading a new map means it needs to reaplied.

To simplify things, I changed it so the innitial search included every object in the game.

Well it worked, but it worked a little too good! Every single asset was permenantly changed and saved to memory. Had to reload from a back up.
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So, what's new?!

guess who

Nothing much to share, and didn't get too much work done over the holidays.

Merlin's doing better.
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So, what's new?! 

guess who


Yes free DLC for forum members!

Spoiler for Hidden:
It's free for everyone else too.

Best advertising line ever!

"Free DLC for forum members*"

*and non forum members*


Wait free dlc for us on the forums?
Yes free DLC for forum members!

Spoiler for Hidden:
It&#39;s free for everyone else too.
  • He sucks at sales estimates and predictions

Cute Pikachu

Wait free dlc for us on the forums?