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A mysterious puzzle driven campaign

A tactical and competitive multiplayer

VizionEck is two very different experiences packaged into a single game.

One half of VizionEck sees the player isolated, disoriented, and powerless in a foreign and foreboding environment. Exploration drives the player forward as they solve puzzles and discover the truths of the world. It's a challenging adventure with paper and pencil recommended.

The other half of VizionEck is a re-imagining of FPS multiplayer into an arcade like experience. Strategy and reflexes are more important than aiming precision plus a limited variety of weapons keeps the playing field level. Fundamentally it's a shooter unlike anything you've played before.

Check out "Adventure" if you love mysteries and go to "Battle" if you're a fan of competitive multiplayer. This "Home" page meanwhile has all the information about the game as a whole.

Universal Features

Photo Importing
VizionEck's photo mode has the defining ability to work "backwards." Screenshots found online or shared by friends can be converted back into gameplay.

This simple concept has lots of wonderful and sometimes bizarre possibilities. A curious player could load the screenshot shown above, and then pan the camera downward to discover what's at the bottom of those pillars. An artistic player could load this screenshot, and then spice up the shot with new image effects and a better camera placement. An adventurous player could load this screenshot, and then continue playing as if it was their own save file. Etc, etc, etc.

Converting from screenshot to game does not require a pristine quality image. If a player finds a low res screenshot with compression artifacts, they should still be able to load it into VizionEck without problems. It's then possible to resave the image with max quality settings.

*The original screenshot creator can enable/disable what's possible with their image.

Free DLC
Players are directly involved with how fast and how much free DLC is released.  VizionEck's in game-currency is the backbone for this system. An Eckm (VizionEck money) is the game's unit of currency, earned by playing Adventure or Battle. Every time any online player earns an Eckm, VizionEck's "Community Score" also increases. Free DLC is released upon the Community Score reaching select milestones. Players can spend their Eckms to unlock game-skins, new maps, extras, bonuses, and more. DLC content is treated just like content available at launch, and usually needs to be unlocked as well.

Free DLC will be released for the life of the game.

Game Skins
The entire look and feel of VizionEck is customizable. Sound effects, graphics, image filters, music, etc. can be changed and modified as desired. Here is a very small sample of different visual changes.


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Additional screenshots may be viewed in the Gallery.

General Information

  • Release Date: TBA
  • Systems: PS4 lifetime exclusive
  • Number of Online Players: 1 Adventure, 1-8 Battle
  • Number of Local Players for Splitscreen: 1-4 Battle
  • Price: Undecided
  • Project Morpheus support: Post Launch
  • Developer: VizionEck, AKA Mike Armbrust
  • DLC: Tons of it, all free
  • Microtransactions: Heck no; has cheat codes instead