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Started by Legend, May 31, 2015, 07:32 AM

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I've just been having so many internal delays mostly caused by the free dlc system. The original plan was to release the game and then work on new content for it. The problem is that lots of the free DLC works best if it's built into the core of the system. Here's an example with what I'm working on right now.

VizionEck launches with a lot of Battle match types, basically like every other fps. Sudden death, one hit kill, infection/zombies, 1 vs everyone, etc. However one of the early free DLCs will be custom match types, allowing players to design their own.

It works best to build VizionEck's launch match types using this player creation tool. So I have to make the backend of the system now. Then for the free dlc all I'll have to do is make menus for it. That really messes with my release target!

if your game was higher profile this post would have killed your game.  

polygon "vizioneck developers intentionally holds back content for dlc". 

the internet "fudge that bumb, i'm not buying his game"