Prediction: We will find alien life within 5 years

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Started by Legend, Mar 15, 2015, 08:50 PM

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We can all agree the chances of life sustainable world is ridiculously minute. The chances of evolution occurring for intelligent life also ridiculously minute. The chances of those two occuring at two distinct point of space and eventually running into each other?

With very conservative estimates, there are 100 Earth like planets (same sun, same distance from the sun, warm but not too warm liquid water, etc.) for every single grain of sand on our planet. That's over 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the universe. Even with the odds of creation at 0.0000001%, that'd be 100 billion planets with life.

However, that's for the whole universe. My prediction is that we'll find life right here in our very solar system. There's a good chance Mars has it or had it.

Here's some very recent info about it too:,

Europa, Io, and Titan are also pretty good bets. However just a few days ago, it was discovered that Saturn's moon Enceladus probably has the best environment for the creation and evolution of life:

The more and more we look, the more evidence we find of alien life in our own backyard. Plus Nasa has been given the greenlight to spend $1.3 billion on a mission to Europa with the main objective of finding life. If that works out on at least finding definitive signs of its existence, then my prediction is as good as gold.