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Started by the-pi-guy, Sep 09, 2020, 01:32 PM

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I dont see how anyone could look at that GPU and RAM and expect it not to holdback PS5 and XSX
series s will probably make or break xbox.   i can see a situation where it does really well and propels xbox back to the top if it can convience the people that typically buy hardware in years 2-4 (post price drops) to pick up an xbox in year 1.  i can also see a situation where it does nothing to improve xbox's sales ratio with playstation and starting in the second half of the gen ps5 starts getting 3rd party exclusives easily because developers don't think it's worth doing the port to series s when it has a low user base.

i'm all over the place on this one.  i just can't see who the hell wants this thing and yet the internet is abuzz with people praising it's sliced bread status.  i can't decide if that will translate to real customers or if it is just xbsx customers hoping for xbox to win against ps5.