What would you like to see from TES VI?

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Started by the-pi-guy, Jan 11, 2020, 03:19 AM

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Most of this will just be me mentioning what I've learned from The Forged Kingdoms but let's go!

I'd love multiple ways to end combat encounters like you suggest. Right now all you can do is kill everything or run away. It would be awesome if NPCs could surrender, fake surrender, run away after you killed their friends, etc. Would also be cool if you had more options like pleading for your life, bribing them to leave you alone, or threatening to kill everyone if they start attacking you. Same goes for your crimes being witnessed. It should be less gamey.

I'm not exactly sure this fits with TES but a concept I've been really interested in as of late is an adventure game where life has value. In Skyrim you kill people left and right without remorse, who cares. In TES VI, it would be so cool if death wasn't the first thing you jumped to. By all means be a bad guy sure, but the fine system is a joke as is. Murdering a full town should have lasting consequences beyond just basic gameplay ones.

I'd love sailing in the game. Skyrim had a large coast but it would be great to have lots of islands you can reach ala pirates of the Caribbean.

Lastly, minimal glitches  ::)