What would you like to see from TES VI?

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Started by the-pi-guy, Jan 11, 2020, 03:19 AM

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A big thing I'd like to see is a big improvement with the AI.  

-It's so lame, when you're attacking someone and they say "I yield", and you stop attacking, and then they always without fail return to attacking.  
-*gets shot with an arrow*, *starts looking around* "Must have just been the wind"

I know it's really hard to do AI, but I just really wish that the AI didn't feel like so systematic.  

"I got attacked" - check
"Spend 30 seconds looking for person" - check
"resume activities" - check
"I got attacked" - check
"There he is" - check
"I yield" - check
Repeat step 2

Realistically: make more branching paths.  80% make the enemy yelling that he yields actually yield.  Something like that.  

Bonus AI, it'd be cool if NPCs could be more meaningful.  I'm not actually expecting this for another 40 years...  
Better quests.  
I know it's unrealistic to get a thousand hours of good quests, but it'd be great if the quests had more meaning.  If they were more interesting.  
I think it gets a pass just because you get to do so much. I think it'd be better to have 100 hours of really good quests, rather than 30 hours of really good quests with 1000 hours of horrible quests.  

Better gameplay.  I think it plays okay, but the fighting is absolutely nothing compared to say Bloodborne.  
It'd be nice if fighting felt better.

VR support!