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Started by Legend, Aug 05, 2019, 08:19 PM

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I played telltale game of thrones. It was really bad. Fun characters but the writing was a joke. Was my first telltale game. Don't think I'll bother with more because 90% of my enjoyment came from being a got fan.

One dumb thing they did was stick to the plot of the show. Every thing was super lame and felt like it didn't matter. Really sucked with Ramsey being a bad guy since you knew you couldn't kill him.

Writing was just so forced. I'll have to look it up but it sure felt like a mostly linear story with superficial open elements.

Also felt like I was punished for actually thinking about things. There was a really good youtube video I saw not too long ago about how game morality systems really force you to pick what the game wants instead of picking what you want and this game is another example of that.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Fudge Duncen. He was high up in my court and the game made him seem good but instead he just sucked.

Yep its a bad game, I'd advise everyone against playing it ;D

I haven't played much telltale but GoT is regarded as their worst work I'm pretty sure. Tales of the Borderlands on the other hand is fantastic, and I'd recommend playing that so you can see what telltale can do at their best. The gameplay is still very boring though.