Battle of the Backlog

Started by Legend, Aug 05, 2019, 08:19 PM

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Crossing off Ether One.

I mistook this game for the vanishing of Ethan Carter I guess. Was very disorienting. Not really that good and after I managed to get stuck behind a wall in the first level, I gave it up. Definitely needed more of an intro to at least set the stage. I think the game just assumed that the player had at least seen a trailer.


Finished SOMA.

Great game. Not at all what I was expecting. Had only heard general things about it and didn't realize it was the Amnesia devs. Going in with very little prior knowledge was amazing.

Towards the end it started to falter a bit so I think it's more like an 8/10 but the early game and some later game moments are super perfect.


ABZU was a poor Journey replica with poor controls, yet the ending was so good that I think I liked it overall.

It made me want to replay Journey.

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