Procedural RPG OT: every action has consequences

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Started by Legend, Apr 20, 2019, 09:02 PM

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Think I've narrowed in on how roads, bridges, and a few other things like that will work.

Essentially the world is split into sectors (hopefully I can figure out a more medieval sounding name before release). These sectors are the squares you see in the screenshot above. Along river banks and shores, sectors have irregular shapes and don't spread out into the water. Instead a seperate water only sector covers that space.

Sector wide improvements can be constructed including roads and irrigation. When roads are built on a water sector, they are automatically used as bridges. Makes it all fairly simple from both a player perspective and a dev perspective. No need to build paths between every building, just build the road upgrade for that sector and you are good to go. Neighboring sectors with road upgrades string together to form continuous roads for traveling long distances.