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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 03, 2014, 03:25 PM

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So for the past 3 hours, I have been trying to eject my Days Gone game disk from my PS4. But nothing would ever come out. It would just beep 3 times and thats it. I looked up videos online on how to manually eject a disk with a Screwdriver. After realizing I didnt have one small enough, I go over to the nearest Home Depot to buy one.

I come home, try to use the screw driver, and it doesnt fudgy work. I do exactly what this video tells me to do but it didnt work

I keep trying and trying. Tapping the PS4 occasionally, looking at other videos, shaking it out of frustaration.

But then it hits me. Days Gone was something I downloaded over the PSN Store. I never had a game disc to begin with.

Im going to go to bed, but I needed somebody to hear my shameful story so that at least SOMETHING comes outta this, regardless of what that is
I am the biggest Franz Ferdinand in the history of Ps4 ownership, and I just have to share : PS4