Twisty Puzzle Simulator OT: piece by piece

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Started by Legend, Oct 23, 2018, 03:57 PM

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One for each difficulty. In general I'm treating each difficulty as a seperate puzzle since they can be solved in different ways.

Also I'm calculating the average as the average of each player's average. That way a person who solves a puzzle over and over to get a great score doesn't skew the results.

How many coins do you have?
Ah, nice, multiple boards :)

I now have 46 stars and ~500 coins (still have the 1000 coin star to buy). I already bought the Box for 2000 coins and unlocked the Courtyard's puzzle.

I found another code, for the Stubby Pentagon   U L D R U L D R O X   and added it to the code list.  Do all of the new puzzles (like 1x2x2, Helicopter Third, Pyramid, etc..) have new codes to unlock them in Free Play?