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Started by Legend, Jun 10, 2017, 02:12 PM

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How is it silly to do an actual meaningful comparison instead of completely wasting your time? People on youtube don't care if its from an official channel or not, that ones that are up first and gain lots of views are the popular ones. If we're actually making a "youtube gamer interestometer" then you actually want to make a system which measures the interest of youtube gamers.
Because it's not meaningful either way. Tracking all videos on youtube is still far from the complete picture. You yourself talked about facebook videos, and there are tons of other sources that also effectively take away views. It's impossible to get the complete picture and no matter what the numbers are meaningless without context. I personally prefer sticking to official uploads because you have a far better understanding of everything and can tell why a video is doing better or worse than expected.

Kinda rude to call it wasting my time when I set this feature up to help Bwest The Youtube Gamer interestometer and have just been listening to people's desires. Last year the biggest complaint was videos being used as ads, so I started tracking like count for you guys. Now next year I'll add a way to group videos by game so more re-uploads can be added, if I even bother doing the thread at all. I've spent more time writing this post than it took to set up the op  :P