The Youtube Gamer interestometer 2017

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Started by Legend, Jun 10, 2017, 02:12 PM

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You underestimate how much I love over engineering things. The current system I have could easily do exactly what theirs is doing, but that's not what I wanted to do. This thread has always focused on only official uploads. I think including all videos is silly and just something people like because it makes the numbers bigger.
If the point is to see how popular a video is on YouTube, then of course I disagree.  Most people don't tend to look for an official channel.  They just search or they are given suggestions.  

Ubisoft was really good about posting their videos as soon as things got announced.  Sony wasn't.  So if you wanted to see the new days gone trailer, you'd have to go to a third party channel to view it.  

Unless you think a certain channels views are being raised by cheatery. (Sony's videos got caught for that themselves.).
I don't really see any reason not to include other sources to get a picture of YouTube views.  

Xev getting fiesty.  :o
Every view gets counted, but what I recall is that YouTube does a ton of checking to determine the view.  
So you watching a video a few times, will more than likely get counted those few times.  
You watching a video once a day for 4 weeks, will get counted 28 times for example.