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Started by Legend, Dec 20, 2016, 06:31 AM

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Some cool things to think about:

Languages that have sounds that we don't, and don't have sounds we do.  
This is kind of cool to think about, sounds we use all the time in our language, people in other languages have trouble making those sounds.  They aren't use to it.  In Spanish, there's rolling their r's.  In Chinese, they don't have the "he" sound as in "hello". So they have trouble saying that.  Japanese people have trouble differentiating between "l" and "r".  And they don't have a "th" sound, which is probably one of the most common sounds in English (the, their, etc.).  
We don't have the japanese "f" sound, it's different from the English "f" sound.  

For a lot of people, these differences are so hard to overcome, that people will say that it's genetic.  You are either able to say it, or you aren't.  I think it's just weird to have to move your mouth, lips and tongue in ways that you never have before to make a sound you never have made before.  That probably comes easier to some people, perhaps even by accident.