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Started by Legend, Dec 20, 2016, 06:31 AM

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Lol, I literally came here to see if you use a program, and share the thing above.  
Is Duolingo pretty good?
I Think Duolingo is great if you already know a second language and/or are willing to go outside of Duo when you want clarification on something.

THe problem with Duolingo is that it follows the "show don't tell" rule 100% of the time. Ie in Dutch zij can mean she, they, or "are" and I had to learn this on my own. Would have been nicer if Duolingo had a note or something saying "yes, this is the same word as before but it means something else when used this way."

DUtch also has genders and if I didn't already understand the concept from Spanish, I'd be super lost.

THat's awesome they are adding Japonese. I've been trying to get neverdies on duolingo and that's the language he wants.