Digital Foundry Exclusive Xbox Scorpio Reveal

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Started by ethomaz, Apr 04, 2017, 03:06 PM

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What CPU?

Something between the two
a sexy, smoothly peeled potato

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No HDMI in too.

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It does not. Same port layout as Xbox One S.

BTW he is pretty active on GAF again :D
HDMI in is on XBOX One S. It lacks a Kinect Port, that's what they mean.

GAF thought it was a Secret Sauce of Scorpio and I said to my friends this was only how it works with low level APIs... DF now updated the article to say Xbox One already has the same DX12 feature into the hardware (it is just part of the GCN where Polaris improved over the XB1/PS4... Pro uses Polaris too).

I didn't expect that, but it's pretty interesting. Wonder why Digital Foundry screwed up with that part?