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Started by ethomaz, Apr 04, 2017, 03:06 PM

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What CPU?

Something between the two
a sexy, smoothly peeled potato

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Quote from: Albert Penello
Beat me to it.

I'm on the podcast but this forum will hate it. I'm trying to REALLY oversimplify the DF piece for a more casual audience. Don't expect anything new really, it's a recap. Unless you like to hear me and Larry banter with each other.

Richard has said he's got more stories coming. I do not have insight into when those will hit. Possibly this weekend?

And it wasn't publicized too much yesterday, but Gamasutra will also have a deep-dive on our development work for those that are into that sort of thing. That hits next week I believe and I think people will dig hearing about how developers will create for both Xbox One and Scorpio.

So yes, moar.
No HDMI in too.

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Originally Posted by Syrus

 Can you give an answer if the Scorpio will have a second HDMI Out for Audio??

It does not. Same port layout as Xbox One S.
BTW he is pretty active on GAF again :D