The VR thread. U R Not red(e) Oculus Quest announced $399: Vive $599!

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Started by Mmm_fish_tacos, Sep 05, 2015, 06:10 PM

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How sick of Pi's VR hype are you?


Out of the ~7 games I've played, 6 try artificial locomotion,  but I'm including the 3 racing/space games in that. Only 1 uses blinking.  

But what I would like to see is have artificial locomotion but then have a button for teleportation. Get the best of both worlds.

I really want to play more games that do stuff like that to really see what they feel like.  
That seems very very optimistic.  
It sounds like the Rift is only counted if Oculus Home is running.  
By artificial locomotion you mean standard press button to move controls?

Have you tried any games with tank controls? Just hold the move button and move in the direction you're looking? I feel like that might feel a bit better than strafing.

Even the DK2 needs to be connected to Oculus Home for steam? Then nevermind!

How do the reflections feel in the games you've played? In standard stereo 3D I often lost my suspension of disbelief from them, so I imagine it's worse in VR.