The VR thread. U R Not red(e) Oculus Quest announced $399: Vive $599!

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Started by Mmm_fish_tacos, Sep 05, 2015, 06:10 PM

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How sick of Pi's VR hype are you?


Roomscale was great but my beliefs held true. A couple feet is great so that you can bend around and stuff but walking is a no no. Plus I pulled the cable out of the PC by stepping on it haha.
It's better than nothing, but makes you really wish full scale VR was possible.
For sure.  
World Scale VR is still a problem.  

There's a ton of research going into it, so hopefully something comes out of it.  
I've seen "comfort mode", "stability cubes", there's also a bunch of other just visual changes to help with nausea.
There's also the Omni and probably some competition in there.  
And a lot more.