The VR thread. U R Not red(e) Oculus Quest announced $399: Vive $599!

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Started by Mmm_fish_tacos, Sep 05, 2015, 06:10 PM

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How sick of Pi's VR hype are you?


Roomscale is apparently killer:

If you have the space for it, for my money, the HTC Vive blows the Oculus out the water as a long term investment.
Room scale VR is amazing, but does ideally need you to make space in your life to accommodate it. Having a Holodeck in your home doesn't come without it's drawbacks.
VR is here, and I have been sold as a believer. While the Oculus is a very strong VR headset, the Vive feels like it's in a league of its own comparatively. The big sticking issue is how the market reacts to the price long term, and if development of new games maintains a consistent pace.