The VR thread. U R Not red(e) Oculus Quest announced $399: Vive $599!

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Started by Mmm_fish_tacos, Sep 05, 2015, 06:10 PM

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How sick of Pi's VR hype are you?


You make it sound like vd. Oh my god, hes got amd, I fell sorry for the guy.

I really hope you're fine, cause I don't want to have to upgrade my single card!
The recommended specs are (from memory, here I go):
intel i5-4590
8 GB Ram
GTX 970
Then there's a few other things like HDMI, USB ports.  

Your PC (from recent memory)
intel i7-4790k (k?)
GTX 970

So yeah, you're fine.  

AMD 8320E
8 GB RAM (?)
2 * GTX 970

Tacos, will be good too.  Even though no AMD is recommended for Oculus.  As long as he's able to run his games at a good frame rate, he'll be great.