The VR thread. U R Not red(e) Oculus Quest announced $399: Vive $599!

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Started by Mmm_fish_tacos, Sep 05, 2015, 06:10 PM

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How sick of Pi's VR hype are you?


The fact is an American company should not have to incur even heavier losses on a product just because a European government charges that much more in taxes. How much money would Sony have lost in Brazil to keep the PS4 price at $400 there? Because I seem to recall it being two or three times more expensive there at launch. Foreign companies don't owe Europeans anything just because they live in a system that charges high tax rates on luxury goods to pay for their national healthcare or whatever other social system needs it. That's the price you pay for it. I'm not really surprised here. Seen plenty of Europeans on the internet who act like they deserve "free healthcare" AND affordable luxury items without giving a dang whose wallet takes a hit for it as long as it isn't theirs. His complaint is misguided. If the taxes on luxury items sucks that bad and he doesn't like it then he should try to motion for change. Not guilt a foreign company into lowering its price even further just so he can enjoy the fruits of a European social system while paying the same or close to the same luxury costs as a country that doesn't use such a system.

Also, I don't think many Americans will buy at that $600 cost anyways so whether or not Europeans do at theirs is a bit of a moot point. It's not going to sell that well anywhere.

Please know that I am not attacking anyone here or Europeans in general. I just don't have much patience for people like that guy who attacked the Rift because "Boohoo my country's taxes suck so it's up to YOU to do something about it".
The problem is that Oculus adds 27% to the price of the Rift to all European countries (without shipping), do you know how many countries in the EU have 27% VAT? One and it's fudgy Hungary, every other country has lower tax rates, here in germany for instance the Oculus would be 656€ if you applied the actual local tax rate, but no they are jacking up the price because of a country whose population makes up less than 5% of Europe. So nope, sorry germans don't have to blame their own government here but Oculus.

Edit: Oh and since this thread has somehow devloved into a conversation about healthcare: I pay about 90€ a month for health insurance, that pretty much covers me.