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Forged Odyssey is a single player open world rpg built on an unprecedented simulation. From individual plants to massive kingdoms, everything is dynamically calculated and ever changing. As an immersive sim, players approach challenges in their own way and must face the consequences of their unique actions.

Development so far has focused on the core simulation, not the visual world, as you can see in the mostly empty video and screenshots below. The art style and many features will have changed by the time Forged Odyssey releases, but here's a quick preview of what's expected to be possible.


  • An epic adventure with nearly infinite player freedom, set in a living fantasy world.
  • The world does not reset when out of view. Every action, from smashing pottery to killing a passerby, is permanent.
  • The world is not static. Seasons change, living beings age, and people experience their lives all without the player's involvement.
  • Choices are not an illusion. The world reacts meaningfully to even the smallest actions. The player is never restricted by cutscenes or limited options.
  • The world is not artificial. Every door leads to an explorable room and every kingdom is powered by a functioning economy.


Development started with a text based asynchronous mmo in 2016. This game was community driven and pioneered a full background simulation, with every NPC and player powering the economy through their actions.

In early 2019, VizionEck LLC started developing a single player sequel with RTS gameplay and visuals. This game was focused on expanding the background simulation 100 fold, including advanced NPC emotions, thoughts, memories, and communication. Development progressed rapidly but for many playstyles the gameplay was too passive.

In the second half of 2019 this concept was reworked into a first/third person RPG, merging the advanced background simulation with engaging combat and exploration. Forged Odyssey entered full production shortly after that.


World Size Test YouTube

Procedural Balance Test YouTube

Plant Growth Test

Tree Growth Test




About VizionEck LLC

VizionEck LLC is a solo studio run by Mike Armbrust. I love making games that trust player inteligence and give them the freedom to make discoveries on their own.

Multiple projects are in various stages of development, but Hapax has been my primary focus since before the studio was founded.

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