Bloodborne Official TGS Gameplay Trailer

Started by ethomaz, Sep 18, 2014, 01:49 PM

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i'm at work and all but i just had to touch myself a little after watching that.   this is definitely my GotY 2015 already.   soo amazing that it is already coming in Feb and so is the order.   

whoever says xbox has more AAA games than ps4 is very short sighted.




Whenever the collectors edition get put online........INSTA PREORDER!!

Dr. Pezus

February doesn't seem far away at all!


Trailer gave me goosebumps. Its so cool. I will go broke in Feb with bloodborne, order 1886 and witcher 3.
Greatness awaits #4theplayers


The game looks so good and those enemies are no pushovers. It doesn't take long at all for you to die. Seems like you can only take three direct hits from normal enemies without any healing before you croak.

Dr. Pezus

I see it as in stock


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Yeah I don't believe it had been put up yet till today.  Yesterday was the first day it was announced and only amazon has it online as far as i know right now.

*edit*  Seems it did sell out, but they put it up for more preorders.


2nd batch... it was sold out.