Forged Odyssey OT: the journey forwards

Started by Legend, Jul 26, 2020, 05:59 PM

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Forged Odyssey is an action rpg/immersive sim built exclusively for next gen. It's an epic adventure with nearly infinite player freedom, set in a living fantasy world.

From this point forward, things are are going to be a bit more organized. This thread is specifically geared towards chronicling the lead up to the game's announcement. Underlying simulations are incredibly important but now it's time to focus on visuals and the feel of the game. Expect this thread to have less words and more pictures.

The previous OT can be found here.


This is my animation and gameplay test bed. Iterating is extremely fast because nothing else is loaded.

A while ago I shared a lot of videos of my animation prototypes. Those were similar in concept but now I'm working on the shippable version. Upgraded physics, upgraded visual quality, improved stability, and decreased computational cost.


So so so much nicer to control compared to older version. Secret was prioritizing player inputs at all costs, even if traditionally that's not how games do things. For example if the player is running at full speed and lets go of the stick, the character stops nearly instantly instead of gradually. It's a violent "stop at all costs" maneuver comparable to pulling the stick in the opposite direction.

Still lots and lots of work to go with making the leg movements look realistic.


Going the opposite direction, these legs are really weak and have a hard time holding the character up. At the end of the video, the character even falls over.

Excluding ik funkiness and general polish, this is about what it will look like in game if a person is carrying a really heavy load.

My two big things right now are improving leg synching/positioning and limiting how legs can bend.


It's very weird finally working on stuff that is actually player focused vs R&D. Character looks where you look.