Trump suggests reopening the country

Started by the-pi-guy, Mar 24, 2020, 11:14 AM

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republicans can never again claim to be "pro-life".


i mean i hope things can start going back to normal around may to june but we shall see.   It depends how well people stop congregating in larger crowds.  Some of these states like Indiana that are doing their stay at home orders might fair better than other cause we are catching this with lower amounts of cases in the beginning.  But there are still a lot of unconfirmed cases to go though.  

I know for me i'm not staying in at all times, but i'm also not going to go around to places with tons of people or any people at all.  Mostly just driving around or going to parents house or something.   Its the people that go to the grocery stores that just reach over people or don't keep their distances that are gonna make this worse.


republicans can never again claim to be "pro-life".
Ohh shame lmao

Dr. Pezus

Trump knows nothing