Will early 2020 games disappoint?

Started by Legend, Nov 06, 2019, 10:10 PM

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2020 is looking relatively amazing compared to 2019 in terms of game releases. Do you expect that to still be a common opinion next year or will games disappoint either by being bad or getting delayed?


Well this is impossible to say really. I think there will definitely be some disappointments, but mostly it'll live up to expectations. FF7R, Cyberpunk and TLOU are guaranteed 90+ GOTY contenders, I can't see that going any other way... (okay maybe FF7R might sink to high 80s but I doubt it)


you should include a list of games for me to compare.

for 2019 all i can think of is days gone.

for 2020 all i can think of is TLoU2 and cyberpunk.    i don't think TLoU2 will get delayed again so 2020 already looks better than 2019.  cyberpunk ought to be good too.