There I was, eating my tenth taco when... (OpenAI thread) EDT: updated model

Started by Legend, Aug 19, 2019, 09:18 PM

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There I was, eating my tenth taco when I realized that my hands were cold. And yet, it was still easy to ignore the cold, as we sat on the floor as our stomachs burned. I was still alive.

What had changed in 10 hours?

It was a question that had been plaguing me for years, but it had been a mystery ever since I'd seen a video at the gym. A video showing a woman attempting one of the best food moves of all time.

I had been asked at countless restaurant inspections why I was eating so much. They'd all been confused. Why am I doing this? And why, when I don't even feel hungry anymore, am I still doing it?

I didn't see this as the endgame of food. Like I said before, I was a bit of a nerd at first. When I saw a meal being described to me, I knew this was what food food was about. As in, "Hey, it's tasty! I'll be eating that!"

I liked the taste. I like my food to taste tasty. I want to enjoy it more and more. It was the same reason I liked pasta when I first learned to read. I wanted my food to be tasty and savory, but it wasn't going to taste as sweet as that pasta.

As soon

Really cool website using OpenAI to generate paragraphs one word at a time. LINK

I'm super impressed with it. Really random starting words work well most of the time.


When does VizionEck:

When does VizionEck use your e-zapper's data?

The e-zapper's data is stored on the e-zapper's external hard drive with the device, but not on the e-zapper itself.

Why did VizionEck create a special password for each person's account that you need to enter every day to log in regularly?

We used password managers so that if you forget a password and forget the password for all your users, you only have to enter the same password for different users within the same account.

Why is my password protected with Microsoft® password protected passwords?

If you're using Microsoft® protected password, your password is stored securely on the device with Microsoft account. However, if you're using non-Microsoft-protected password, your password is sent to Microsoft and used only to sign in to your Microsoft account.

How does VizionEck know my location?

When you use VizionEck, the device calculates your location information based on distance, speed, current temperature and altitude, your current location, and an algorithm of your location to make use of the geotagging features from GPS devices, such as SmartGlue. Your location, when you use VizionEck, is stored and saved on the device. Our proprietary technology uses GPS to determine your location without the device

I am in love with:

 the world and it scares me to death," Kari explained after the first time someone said it. "It could just be me but I don't mean in this kind of way." "The problem with my job is it reminds me that I love myself," Mariana continued. "I love myself and that's what I want," said Kari.


The best game developer is ________." What the hell is he talking about? We haven't seen a good game developer speak for several years, yet we still talk about them because we really get it and because, really, they make our lives so dang easy.

Games like The Walking Dead aren't really about good guys against bad guys in a post apocalyptic world; they're about survival against the darkness of the apocalypse . They're not even games that celebrate what is good about our society today--they're about living with an uncomfortable sense of injustice, about not wanting to look bad at all times, and not being able to find the time to go out and find a nice girl with no boyfriend to save you. What the hell are we supposed to say about that?

I was at an event a few weeks back (it was, obviously, my last one of this type) and one of the young people there was a gamer called Jason. He had already been working on a game about his own experiences with depression and addiction, and he'd made plans with people whom he wasn't allowed to meet because of age--which is really why he and I were at the dinner together today. It was about him giving a talk at a conference and explaining to a group of people what his dream game looks like (it's something like Fallout or the Souls series, but with zombies, and the people


When will VizionEck release?

December 14, 2017 (Thursday), 8:58 AM EST:

This has nothing to do with our business plans. But there will be a lot of events like this the next day.


Was playing formula 1 game so formula came to my mind.

Formula: n) = p - m * (1 - t) * (1 - n)/2

I have shown that the product of polynomials and integral fractions is the product of polynomials divided by s, for instance from the simple case A0.5 to the simpler A0.1 and A0.6, which is why I called them "simple" problems. However, consider a non-linear matrix R, which is in a similar matrix A1 but the product of integral fractions is not a finite sum. Now imagine a polynomial which has a positive or negative constant k such that if the factor n holds then the product of integral fractions is the product of polynomials. But the constant k, which gives rise to this polynomial's derivative as a non-square matrix, will have no meaning. This brings us to a second difficulty: A1 is also called a partial differential equation.

I will give the proof here. First of all let x(k) be the matrix A1. Then k(i) = x(i). Then for a negative coefficient x(i) the derivative of the product k with p is

$$K = A(i - p), \frac{1}{k(i-p)} = \frac{k}{x(1 - p-i)/2
Kind of impressive that it uses proper notation for maths and it goes into quite a bit of detail. Strange.

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Very strange. What does all that have to do with banana?


When will VizionEck release?

December 14, 2017 (Thursday), 8:58 AM EST:

This has nothing to do with our business plans. But there will be a lot of events like this the next day.
When will VizionEck release?

VizionEck will be available soon as an addon on the GameBryo servers.

Please read our forums:

Thanks everyone!


Was playing formula 1 game so formula came to my mind.
Kind of impressive that it uses proper notation for maths and it goes into quite a bit of detail. Strange.
Very strange. What does all that have to do with banana?
I'm guessing it's overtrained to the point that it's basically picking out sentences from his corpuses.  


Rick and Morty","rh":"","rid":"i6hY3U0zNxRxVVM","rt":0,"ru":"","s":"The Miss Merton's Rude House was once a cute little house owned by the famous Miss Merton.","st":"Animalfantasmodus","th":168,"tu":"\u003dtbn:ANd9GcST4xZWvx_rKVHGQ5o_u4uXf9g8z5tRwU4QHpvF4gZL5TZ2r_R_k4qEqWQ","tw":225}

1200 × 792 Mr. Blobby's ... {"id":"K5QZ5wQxq2KzTMM:","isu":"","itg":0,"ity":"jpg","oh":792,"ou":"

This one got weird.



(my wife and I) are now in love, and in the next episode, we saw what kind of love feels like.

This week we learned more about our newest and most popular character, Aya. You may have seen it on the episode, or in an earlier preview. This week, we're showing you why she's not just that, but more and more, you're supposed to be that too.

And yes, we're still talking about this for the sake of conversation.

Okay, what is a human girl. And what does it mean to be a human girl.

So if we're talking about romance, a human chick? They may not do one thing on screen that looks like a human girl, no. A human girl may not be wearing sexy shirts, no. They may appear to be human chick on a night out with a guy she can see she could date if they knew each other more. (Though one of the things being talked about by a majority of humans is relationships. For those interested, the majority of people have a boyfriend, a girlfriend, even a wife. So you know how a lot more women than men date and engage with each other after having kids? The thing is they have an endless number of boyfriends and girlfriends and wives. There are not enough guys out there with girlfriends and wives to fill a "human chick"


I'm having too much fun with this.


Day after I made the op, a more advanced model was released.

Mike sat in his room alone, he tried to think about what was going through his mind. What had he done wrong? Was this man going to hurt him? Or kill him? What else did he have that he didn't deserve? He didn't have time to think about that right now. It wasn't going to matter. He felt the pressure build in him again, like a huge weight had been lifted from his chest. That's what he could have done. He had an idea. Just think about someone else. But no, he had to think about him, about him right now.

"Where are you going?" he asked the man in his room. The man, obviously a stranger, wasn't saying much. The door had been slammed on his bedroom door.

"I just left," the man said. The man had a voice just as quiet as the door, and was dressed in a simple grey undershirt that had the words "H-i-r-g-h-i-l-e-s" written on the front.

It kinda feels like it might be overfitted and is just spitting out training examples now.


This is how Legend announces he has been working on AI.  *Suspicious update day after announcement*


Three times seven equals thirteen? But, if we assume that one has a good knowledge of what these eight things are, then three times seven is the number 13, four times seven is the number 14, seven times thirteen is the number 15, then a better known number to the ancients was the number seven because it was the perfect number of seven: 'seven times seven' - the number seven, which was used to make the first seven years of the lunar calendar. Thus, it was one of the first numerical factors. The next number to be used for the year was two, which was the number six that had been used previously to make the year and this time, that six would also make the first two. And with another number, we had a number that was the perfect number of six: three, a number that was also part of the calendar. Thus, we could say that in the beginning all sevens were given the same number, seven, and it would prove that the number seven is an ancient number which was given to man to make up the perfect number of man.