If you could force a sequel to be made, which one would you make?

Started by Legend, Jun 23, 2019, 04:17 AM

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Super Mario RPG 2


while i'd like it if sony gave psabr another chance i'd want guarentees they put in a better effort.  

pupeteer 2 would top my list for games that won't get made. 

i'd also like another "the witness" but honestly i wouldn't care too much if it didn't get made.  i just really want any new game from jonathan blow.  i trust that whatever he wants to create will be amazing. 

i also want another talos principle but i know that is in the works. 

finally i'd want a new mod nation racers,.. but exclusive to ps5 where load times have been eliminated.......


A new ModNation Racers would be amazing.  No load times would be a game changer.