Noodle Week: do you partake?

Started by Legend, Jul 04, 2018, 03:31 AM

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It's one of my favorite traditions. Every year you pick a week during summer to eat noodle based dishes at least once a day.

Tonight we have pizza+spaghetti.



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I do not. 
Makes sense. I invented it a week ago.


Makes sense. I invented it a week ago.
Propoganda if I ever heard it.  


I don't like noodles. I love spaghetti, but other noodles can stay away from me!

Dr. Pezus

I eat noodles almost every day lol. Just the cheap and easy ones


Sounds like my kind of week!! But change it from noodle week to just straight up Carb Week and I'm down. Give me pizza galore!!!