Engadget: Microsoft Was Right in 2013

Started by the-pi-guy, Jun 13, 2018, 06:05 PM

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Engadget: Microsoft Was Right in 2013 | ResetEra


 I am inclined to agree.  
TBH, I think it's a silly video.



chew on this - since 2013 netflix introduced an offline way to view their content.   i'm online when i can but i don't want to required it without an actual need (like playing multiplayer).  if psn/live get DDoS attacked on chrismas and both go down (hypethetically ;)) i'm glad i can still play a game.


This is what I said:

I don't really get the point of the video.

No one ever said that online wasn't going to be big (or wasn't already big in 2013).
No one ever said that online games weren't going to be played by the millions.
No one even said that the vast majority of people aren't going to be playing online.

The concern that people had in 2013 was about consumer choice. Even if I'm online 99% of the time, it's still nice to know that if I am in a position without internet, I can still play a large portion of my games. Of course, I wouldn't be able to play all of them. I can still play most of them.

During 2013, a lot of people were greatly concerned that they would be required to go online to play anything. All of the rumors were made worse by the fact that Microsoft didn't really seem to know exactly what they wanted.

Even if in 5 years, basically 100% of the population that MS wants to sell their games to, is online; I would still say they were wrong. I would still say they shouldn't force us to be online to play single player games.

Because sometimes the internet goes down, sometimes part of the house literally can not get a connection.
Sometimes people go to friend's houses, with who knows what kind of internet they have.

Ludicrous Speed

Yeah, no.

Silly clickbait.


It is still wrong today lol