Which IPs do you want to see reimagined?

Started by Legend, Apr 21, 2018, 12:10 AM

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Zelda, Mario, and God of War all turned out great.

So what should be next?



Actually I want more of the same but better.



Actually I want more of the same but better.
Imagine a killzone rpg!

Dr. Pezus

Call of Duty



Mass Effect again
Super Smash Bros
Gran Turismo


What did mario do?

I don't really have any attachment to IPs I want to see change/ do well.

Maybe Dragon Age is the only one. Even though I still like the way it is, a lot of people don't and its losing popularity so it might need a re imagination to stay alive.

Call of Duty

Lol well this but for them to actually do it right, i.e. actually want and aim for a world war setting rather than go oh shame look at BF1's success we should do that.


Age of Empires.  

Most of the games that I care about, are either great and I wouldn't care if the next one is pretty much the same or they aren't doing so great and I just want those to go back to what they were.  

I thought GoW would be cool to reimagine, and I was right.   8)
Even though I never played GoW.  

But I'd love to see an Age of Empires game that just reinvents itself, makes some crazy stuff.