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Mar 05, 2019, 08:50 PM Last Edit: Mar 07, 2019, 04:53 AM by DerNebel
So Sony released 2 videos about CDPR on their channel and instead of looking at this as what it is, a couple neat videos talking about one of the most beloved studios of the generation, Resetera has of course taken this to mean something: "Are Witcher 1 & 2 coming to PS4? Does Sony have Cyberpunk marketing after all? Does Sony have some sort of other project with CDPR? Is Sony buying CDPR?"

Now admittedly most are saying the last thing as a joke, but there are a handful of people actually wishing for something like that. Plus all the other delusions are embarrassing as well.

I guess all I wanted to say is that anyone who wishes for a perfectly healthy studio with thriving communities on all kinds of platforms to be bought out by the platform owner of his choice is a colossal bumb, who's more interested in garbage console wars than in actual good games.

Nebel out.


Days Gone preview thread | ResetEra


 Push Square
   Days Gone, though, is exactly what you expect it to be - but that's perhaps a reductive way of looking at things. The production values are almost on par with Sony's premier first-party studios, which is impressive when you consider Bend's back-catalogue. And the gameplay loop appears to be very strong, with limited resources lending a real sense of tension to each and every encounter - whether they're with the living or the living dead. The bike adds a unique twist, as it becomes your sanctuary out in the field and something that you need to plan around. But its own idiosyncrasies aside, this isn't reinventing the wheel, and if you're burned out on franchises like Far Cry, then don't expect Deacon St. John's inaugural outing to rip up the rule book - even if it does look like he has a rebellious streak.  Click to expand...

 Press Start
   Days Gone has the potential to be another stellar game in Sony's first party line up, but I'm a little bit less confident than I have been in the past few years (with games such as God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn). Everything is there, but it'll be how well it's brought together over a 30-hour period.  Click to expand...

   There's a great deal more that I want to see out of Days Gone. Thus far it's a huge open world filled with zombies, hordes, human enemies, I even saw a zombie bear on another player's screen. But what really has me intrigued is the world-building, modding your bike and building reputation with the camps around the world  Click to expand...

   As I play through, I find myself engrossed and impressed. I've pretty much forgotten that I came to this media event expecting to be disappointed. Days Goneis one to watch. It's out for PlayStation 4 on April 26. I really didn't think I was going to say this, but I'm looking forward to it.  Click to expand...

   Days Gone is  Click to expand...      going to be the most important and expected title of Sony in this first half of 2019, and so We have been able to verify we believe that it will not disappoint . An action adventure in the open world with zombies and elements of survival that will delight lovers of this type of games, and that will catch many people off guard and will surprise them with their proposal: solid, complete and very entertaining .
We have written these impressions after playing a beta at an event organized by Sony in Madrid .  Click to expand...

   The bike controls are fine, the gunplay is fine, the stealth is… fine, the dialogue is completely bland but still better than many games, and the graphics are good but not amazing (limited, no doubt, by the processing power needed to have so many zombies on screen at once).  Click to expand...  Read more:

   Ultimately, I want to say that Days Gone looks good. I really enjoyed the few hours I spent with it and I'm eager to explore more of its grim, dangerous world. Even though it doesn't seem to bring anything revolutionary to the table (though the zombie freaker tech I've seen in previous demos is impressive), based on what I've seen, what it does, it does well. The big question I have is no longer "is Days Gone fun to play?" because the answer there is yes - the real issue, now, is "Is Days Gone fun to play for 30+ hours?" And my answer to that is… hopefully.  Click to expand...

 US Gamer
   It will be interesting to see how this approach plays in one of the most politically polarizing eras since the Civil War. But while Days Gone may promise to represent all viewpoints, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have a philosophy of its own. With its strong anti-government bent and lionization of self-reliance, it feels very much like Red Dawn with zombies and bikers--a survivalist fantasy of the sort that Copeland would probably love. And agree with it or not, Bend Studio isn't shy about owning it.  Click to expand...

   I'm more than willing to give Days Gone a chance to be great. I expect it to be so, based on what I've seen. The hordes will make it seem different from every other zombie game (save maybe World War Z), and the story and characters could elevate it, giving the player both a great single-player narrative and a lot of action.

 But every preview I play leaves me wondering whether there's more to it, in terms of that story or action or characterization. I hope it's going to all come together as a great narrative experience with fine gameplay action. I've got my fingers crossed, as I know there could be a lot of haters out there ready to dismiss this game as one more zombie apocalypse title.  Click to expand...

   I also learned that off-roading isn't off limits, but that each botched landing or collision has consequences. If you're methodical about looting, you'll generally be all right. As with the gunplay, the bike's overall handling seems significantly improved since I last played. There's a nice sensation of weight to it, and it sounds absolutely amazing. They did cheat us to the second tier of upgrades, so I can't say with certainty how the upgrade path flows, or whether it requires a lot of grinding. The bike is a constant part of your journey, so it's going to be a worthwhile investment regardless.  Click to expand...

   My biggest takeaway from this game was how much I enjoyed the different ways you could use your variety of abilities and the environment to complete objectives, whether that be to get into a place, or destroy people or things. I respect any game that attempts to emphasise a flexibility to move back and forth between stealthy and loud approaches, or the fluidity to switch between ranged, melee, and guerilla combat techniques on the fly. I like mixing things up.

Alessandro: That's actually a pretty fair way to describe the game. You do go around collecting herbs and helping survivors in the bases around the map. It channels a lot of the survivalist-experience you'd find from State of Decay, all within a large open world like Far Cry.

 And you know, I actually have to say that I ended up enjoying the setting of the Pacific Northwest a lot more than I thought I would. It went against a lot of my expectations for the region and it was pretty educational to be honest.  Click to expand...


   But here's the thing - I played for four hours straight, and never got bored. If the preview event hadn't ended, I would have been quite happy to keep going. There's something here. It's a clumsy game, but it's charming and big and increasingly engaging as it goes on. I even started to come around on Deacon a bit the more he was fleshed out. Days Gone might not be another immediate classic, but there's more to it than I expected  Click to expand...  .




   Our first impressions are very positive. Days Gone includes a bunch of elements we've already seen in other games; stealth, open world, survival and crafting, tracking... but what really gives it personality is the presence of the horde and the bike. Furthermore, its strong narrative got us hooked during our time with the game.  Click to expand...

   Days Gone  Click to expand...      is a game that took i's time, and the wait seems worth it. In today's gaming climate it's easy to picture a studio receiving pressure to launch, to strike while a trend is climbing. But by doing it right, and inadvertently waiting until a swath of generic sandbox fare faded from memory, Days Gone is poised to give the fad the farewell it deserves. My hands-on left me feeling that the game does things right, even if some of them aren't great. A smooth story, familiar combat and the fantastic, unique motorcycle mechanics add up to strong single-player promise. It's a world I want to spend some time with, even if I might not like what I find.  Click to expand...

   From what I've seen, there's a real conflict between wanting to tell a highly impactful and emotional story like that seen in Uncharted and The Last of Us and giving the player the freedom to do as he or she pleases in an open world epic. While titles like God of War were able to marry these two worlds together, Days Gone didn't hit that sweet for me in the short time I had with it. Worst case scenario though, I get a better version of State of Decay, a franchise I clearly enjoy. Expectations somewhat in check, I'm now more than ready to continue Deacon St. John's adventure when Days Gone heads to PS4 on 26 April.  Click to expand...

 Mercury News

   Overall, I found my hands-on time with Days Gone to be an intense experience. The stunningly gorgeous visuals are a stark contrast to the main characters' rather bleak existence. While the story may seem like a dark and hopeless scenario, there are glimmers of light strewn about that I won't go into, as to not spoil any major plot points. Days Gone is a title that's looking to blend a lot of great mechanics from various genres and then throw in some survival game aspects on top of that. Riding around on a motorcycle is pretty enjoyable as well. Days Gone will be coming to the PS4 exclusively on April 26.  Click to expand...

   We had the opportunity to play the game for just under three hours, which was an adequate chunk of time to explore Bend Studio's work. From the first minute the incredibly realistic and well-written characters are striking. The presented material was divided into two parts, the first of which (without unnecessary spoilers) introduced us to the realities of the game and allowed us to become more familiar with Deacon. We can already say that both the protagonist and all the important figures surrounding him will be the main strength of Days Gone. Even after the first few flashbacks and directed interludes, we were able to get along with them and understand their motivations and the difficult situation in which they find themselves. The first meeting between Deacon and Sarah was so natural and uncomfortable at the same time, and we easily slipped into the reality of the scene.  Click to expand...

   Days Gone has all the characteristics of a top-tier PS4-exclusive, with its movie-quality presentation, engaging characters and beautifully-realised open world setting.

 That said, the story in Days Gone hews very closely to the well-worn zombie apocalypse rulebook, with its biker angle being the game's only real distinguishing factor amidst a sea of similarly-themed titles.  Click to expand...

   Usually you have to choose great open-world mechanics, satisfying story, or decent combat, but it feels like Bend Studio is taking strides to give us a bit of all three, and throw some pretty trees on top. I'll have to wait to play the full game to find out if loving this bad boy will pay off, but there's lots to like about Days Gone so far, and anyone craving an emotional apocalypse while they wait for The Last of Us 2 should absolutely get involved.  Click to expand...

   Days Gone's cinematics compare to the quality of Nathan Drakes adventures and, maybe more, to the ones in The Last of Us.

 Acting is solid and moving around in the world feels really smooth with the same polished feeling as in most of Sony's first party titles.

 You really get the feeling you're living inside The Walking Dead and are part of a world that's been ravaged by a zombie apocalypse for years where strong people found the means to survive.  Click to expand...


Mostly good previews, confirms to me that this game is a competent zombie game but will do nothing to appeal to people like me, shame. Should get into the 80s on meta at least.


Seems like in the short amount of time playing everything works well together, but a lot of the concern i can see just from the snippets is that they hope it holds up over 30 hours.  

Pretty happy the previews are pretty good though.  I do think i'm gonna downgrade from the collectors edition to either digital or standard physical even though i want that statue for my collection.


I'm glad it holds up well. I'm  really interested in this game and already sold on it. I don't expect it to reinvent the wheel or to be the next red dead redemption. But it looks like a lot of fun. And even though there is supposedly a "zombie games fatigue". The quality ones are certainly rare. I think my last one was dying light. So this is more than welcome for me


I think I've gotten more PS4 games this year already, than I did all last year.


- TLoU
- LittlebigPlanet 3

- Killzone Shadowfall
- Driveclub
- Bloodborne
- Knack
- The Order 1886

- Uncharted 4

- Knack 2
- Horizon Zero Dawn
- Final Fantasy X

-Metal Gear Solid V

-Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5
-God of War
-Kingdom Hearts 3


- TLoU
- LittlebigPlanet 3

- Killzone Shadowfall
- Driveclub
- Bloodborne
- Knack
- The Order 1886

- Uncharted 4

- Knack 2
- Horizon Zero Dawn
- Final Fantasy X

-Metal Gear Solid V

-Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5
-God of War
-Kingdom Hearts 3
These are all the PS4 games you have?



Yeah. :(
Third party publishers (and indies) must hate you!

Spoiler for Hidden:
But sony love you so that's okay


Here's all my PS4 games by the year I first played them:


Apex Legends
Kingdom Hearts 3
Doom VFR


God of War (2018)
Red Dead Redemption 2
Astro Bot Rescue Mission
Marvel's Spider-Man
Tetris Effect
F1 2018
Call of Duty Black Ops 4
Overcooked 2
Detroit Become Human
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
The Crew 2
Shadow of the Colossus Remake
Gran Turismo Sport
VR Worlds


Horizon Zero Dawn
Uncharted The Lost Legacy
F1 2017
Crash Bandicoot Trilogy
Assassin's Creed Origins
Call of Duty WW2
WipeOut Omega Collection
Nier Automata
Middle Earth: Shadow of War
Dragon Quest Builders
Just Cause 3
Tales From the Borderlands
Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry
Heavy Rain


Uncharted 4 A Thief's End
Batman Arkham Knight
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
F1 2016
Stardew Valley
Trackmania Turbo
Ratchet & Clank
Watch Dogs 2
Far Cry Primal
Final Fantasy XV
Project Cars
The Crew
Call of Duty Modern Warfare


Rocket League
OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood
Assassin's Creed Syndicate
Call of Duty Black Ops III
The Order 1886
Star Wars Battlefront
F1 2015
Game of Thrones Telltale
Tomb Raider
God of War 3
Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
Uncharted Drake's Fortune


Dragon Age Inquisition
Watch Dogs
Far Cry 4
inFAMOUS Second Son
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Assassin's Creed Unity
Infamous First Light
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
Little Big Planet 3
Rayman Legends
The Last of Us
Grand Theft Auto V


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
Battlefield 4
Killzone Shadow Fall

That's a lot!


Third party publishers (and indies) must hate you!

Spoiler for Hidden:
But sony love you so that's okay

Well some third party, I got on PC.  
Like Batman Arkham Knight, Far Cry 4, The Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, Shadow of Mordor and a bunch others.


sometimes i think i enjoy buying games more than i enjoy playing games.  anyways,.. i just finished TLG and downloaded horizon in it's place so i know i have 304 games in my ps4 library.  i have ps+ so that obviously inflates the number quite a bit but i also buy a lot of games i never play.


sometimes i think i enjoy buying games more than i enjoy playing games.  anyways,.. i just finished TLG and downloaded horizon in it's place so i know i have 304 games in my ps4 library.  i have ps+ so that obviously inflates the number quite a bit but i also buy a lot of games i never play.
How was TLG?

It had flaws but that game stuck with me.


Some people on Facebook are saying that Days Gone is overhyped.



How was TLG?

It had flaws but that game stuck with me.
i kind of hated it and yet i still finished it and i have so many games i generally stop playing games i hate so i guess i didn't hate it...

i found the core concept to be incredibly engaging (boy + bird dog creature).  i found the atmosphere to be incredibly interesting.    ..but the gameplay was bad.  

i love puzzle games but these puzzles couldn't be reasoned out it was more just a "hey, did you notice this thing is here?"  it wasn't so much difficult to solve the puzzles so much as it was difficult to figure out what the puzzle objective even was.

...and the "combat" was even worse.  the suit of armor things were just frustrating.  it would have been more fun if it was a stealth gameplay mechanic but instead it was more of a "hey i'm going to prevent you from pulling this switch so i guess you're going to have to kite me to the other side of the room and pull it quickly" gameplay mechanic.  until the white tower you couldn't even fight back and (..this is on me) in the ring room of the white tower i didn't think about having access to the tail so i activated all the switches with a kite and run strategy.  i was angry at the end of that room.

i would have enjoyed TLG more if it was a movie i think.

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