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Started by Xevross, Aug 14, 2014, 02:56 PM

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So looks like the reason Sony never mentioned any PS5 numbers could be because they knew it would be behind PS4. I'm having to rethink my predictions of a PS5 explosive start, seems they just can't produce enough. And maybe that Bloomberg report was right....


So here's all the PS5 sales we know about so far:

US - 1.14-1.35M (Up to 28th Nov)
UK - >250k (First week beats PS4 - up to Nov 21st)
Japan - 213k (Up to Dec 5th)
France - 107k (First week sales - up to Nov 21st)
Spain - 43k (First week sales - up to Nov 21st)

Total of at least 1.75M confirmed sales from these markets.

As for XBS:

US - <900k (Up to 28th Nov)
UK - 155k (Launch sales - up to 11th Nov)
Japan - 29k (Up to Dec 5th)
France - 37k (First week sales - up to Nov 14th)
Spain - 14k (First week sales - up to Nov 14th)

No minimum here due to no lower bound on US, but fair to say its ~900k and call it 1.13M confirmed sales from these markets.
Update on this

UK now 430k as of end of 2020
Japan 265k as of Jan 3rd.
Spain 73k as of Dec 12th

This update adds 260k sales for a new minimum 2.01M confirmed PS5 sales. Missing Nov for most smaller markets and Dec for everywhere outside of UK and Japan. I'm now thinking PS5 will come in lower than PS4 as of the end of the year. PS4 was 4.2m sell-through and 4.5m shipped. I think PS5 will be somewhere around 4m sell-through and 4.2m shipped.

Xbox is now at 300k in the UK, 31k in Japan, 22k in Spain in the same period. So this update adds 155k sales and we're now at ~1.19M confirmed sales for XBS. I'm thinking XBS will also miss XB1's 3m shipped, probably around 2.75m shipped.


Spain week 51:

Nintendo Switch: 35.000 units
 PS4: 4.800 units
 PS5: 3.600 units (3.500 disc, 100 digital) [77k LTD]
 XBS 3.300 units (X 1.900, S 1.200) [25.5k LTD]
 XB1: 300 units

Really terrible numbers from playstation. PS5 is way down on PS4 2013.


Wait did ps5 numbers come out?


Wait did ps5 numbers come out?
Just some local numbers.


Spain week 52:

Xbox Series: 2.800 / 27.800
 PlayStation 5: 1200 / 78.000

Spain week 53:

Xbox Series: 2.150 / 29.950
 PlayStation 5: 400 / 78.400

I don't think I need to comment on how bad that is for PS5. Shipments basically stopped.

XB1 had 30k in 2013, so XBS matched that. PS4 had 150k, PS5 barely managed half of that.

Considering XBS launched in many more markets, I think it will pretty much match XB1's 2013 numbers of 3M. Its pretty clear PS5 will short of PS4's 4.5M at this point.

Here's Japan's latest week:

Code: [Select]
|System |  This Week |  Last Week |  Last Year |     YTD    |  Last YTD  |     LTD     |
| NSW # |    167.596 |    312.121 |    116.301 |    479.717 |    401.128 |  17.820.091 |
| PS5 # |     11.164 |     10.632 |            |     21.796 |            |     276.946 |
| PS4 # |      6.820 |     17.876 |      7.359 |     24.696 |     65.603 |   9.315.586 |
| 3DS # |        551 |        714 |        943 |      1.265 |      4.973 |  24.560.173 |
| XBS # |        109 |        134 |            |        243 |            |      31.667 |

PS5 holding steady is a good sign, there's probably just a solid shipment every week that will stay constant until production increases. People were complaining about PS5 stock in Japan but actually compared to Spain its pretty good and UK isn't much better.


it's amazing how little stock there is available.  i wonder what's wrong.


it's amazing how little stock there is available.  i wonder what's wrong.
1.) Lower yields. Counter to the Bloomberg report, lower yields were probably expected.  

2.) Covid logistical issues.


1.) Lower yields. Counter to the Bloomberg report, lower yields were probably expected.  

2.) Covid logistical issues.
i was probably being rhetorical.   

i'm just feeling a bit sad that i probably won't have a ps5 in time for ratchet and clank like i was expecting to when i decided not to make any attempt to pre-order.


So PS5 pretty much matches PS4 LTD in the US. Perhaps Japan + other new markets can make up for the decline in Europe and PS5 still shipped close to 4.5M.

For xbox is reverse, XB1 was matched in Europe but its down a fair bit in the US, new markets might make up for that as well but depends on how big the gap in the US is. Seems to be close to matching XB1's 3M though.

Pretty much as you were compared to last gen after the first holiday then.

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