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Release Date : September 9, 2014

Platforms : PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Developer : Bungie

Publisher : Activision

This is a community thread to discuss all things Destiny. Please try to stay on topic. Information about the game will be added to the OP as it becomes available. News, interviews, screenshots, and videos are all welcome!


Prior to Destiny's release, there were several misconceptions about the difficulty of Raids. Eric Osborne stated that on one particular raid, he and his team "spent over 45 minutes just cracking the entrance." Luke Smith clarified that the group probably "had some communication issues," adding that "once your group understands how to open the Vault, it's not going to take anywhere near 45 minutes." Eric also claimed that during a playtest, a group of players was not able to complete a Raid even after sixteen hours. Luke clarified this also by saying that those particular players were not given any help or advice about the gameplay or the raid's mechanics and that once a group understands the encounters, it shouldn't take longer than three hours to complete a Raid.

- There will be five story/exploration maps at launch. The maps are on Earth, the Moon, Venus, Mars, and the Reef.
- Strikes are 3-man group content that offer increasing challenges. There will be six of them at launch.
- Raids are 6-man group content that offer very difficult challenges. The Vault of Glass will be the first raid available.
- The Crucible is the name of Destiny's PvP. It will launch with 6 objective modes and 10 maps. Some modes are 3-v-3, some are 6-v-6, and one is a free-for-all.
- The Iron Banner is a different take on the Crucible. It uses the same objectives and maps but it does not balance the gear. He who has the best stats has the advantage.
- There are currently 9 different weapon classes in the game across 3 types.
- Primary Weapons are Scout Rifles, Pulse Rifles, Auto Rifles, and Hand Cannons.
- Secondary Weapons are Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and Fusion Rifles.
- Heavy Weapons are Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers.
- Weapons are not class restricted. Any class can use any weapon and no class has an affinity for certain weapons.
- Exotic is the highest rarity of an item. You may only have one piece of Exotic armor and one Exotic weapon equipped at any one time.
- Your class determines what kind of armor you wear, what sub-classes you can use, and which of the three base stats you favor.
- Titans favor armor, Hunters favor agility, and Warlocks favor recovery.
- Each class has multiple sub-classes that dramatically change the way you play. The sub-class can make you defensive, offensive, supportive.
- The known Titan sub-classes are Striker, which makes you a tough melee opponent, and Defender, which makes you invaluable for keeping allies alive through damage reduction.
- The known Hunter sub-classes are Gunslinger, which makes you dangerous at medium range, and Bladedancer, which makes you sneaky and lethal in melee.
- The known Warlock sub-classes are Voidwalker, which makes you a dangerous area-of-effect opponent, and Sunsinger, which makes your allies more powerful and allows you a group revive.
- Some items in the game will give you access to a bonus from one of your sub-classes. Essentially allowing you to double-dip where normally you had to choose one or the other.


Titan, Warlock, Hunter


The Fallen are a nomadic race of four-armed bipedal humanoids. They are a species of pirates and mercenaries located on Earth and the Moon, and are one of the primary antagonist races in the Destiny series.

The Hive are an impossibly ancient race that battled humanity at the end of the Golden Age. They reside on the Moon, where they have burrowed deep within its lifeless core, carving out a kingdom for themselves. They have been silent and buried among many dark and terrible secrets, staying there for centuries while growing stronger. They serve as a reminder of the tremendous power that brought forth the Collapse.

The Vex are a partly robotic, time-traveling alien species. From their stronghold on Venus, they launch endless waves of metal armies towards human civilizations in an enigmatic quest for domination.

Cabal are a race of giant bipedal humanoids located on Mars and one of the primary antagonist species in Destiny. The Cabal empire is a military-industrial complex determined to expand and conquer, and is characterized by size, with everything about the Cabal being massive, from soldiers to equipment and vehicles.


The Darkness is an ancient, mysterious enemy of The Traveler and is the cause of the Collapse, the cataclysmic event that ended humanity's Golden Age. The Traveler sacrificed itself to save humanity from it, and following its last battle against it, became silent and dormant in the place it now rests, hovering low above Earth and protecting The City.

Though few remember exactly what the Darkness is, it is returning to finish its war against the Traveler and humanity. Guardians must push it back and wake the Traveler in time, or humanity could be lost.



Very hyped for this game. cant wait until it comes out. 3 more months!

also, Destiny isnt releasing on PC.


Nice job.

This is by far the biggest launch of the year for me... and you can remove PC :P

Dr. Pezus

Most impressive. I have a feeling this might get a PC release down the line, but Bungie don't have a lot of PC experience so they wanted to focus on consoles.

Wait, wasn't the composer fired recently? I wonder why


Another dev did happened on GAF ;)

Quote from: LukeSmith;115321786
There's a lot of confusion here, and we haven't done the best job ever of explaining the game or its structure.

I'm Luke, and I'm one of the lead designers on Destiny.

First, Destiny is structured into Activities.

We've attempted to build a suite of activities that can suit a variety of moods (I want something challenging! I want to chill out with my friends! I want to see where the story goes next! I want to shoot other players!, I want the game to be a cruel dominatrix! et cetera)

These activities come in a bunch of flavors:

  • Story missions - soloable activities (you can still play them in groups of up to 3!), often with ties to the main story arc of Destiny (the campaign). These activities appear at various Levels (numerical, relative to the player) and choosing a higher level (relative to you) means you're opting in for some additional challenge.
  • Strikes - 3 player activities, with bosses and loot at the end. Their goal is a highly replayable activity that will - at higher levels - lead you into the loot game.
  • Explore - cruise around the surface of a planet in Fireteams of up to 3, taking odd jobs and tasks for the City. You can find minerals and resources out in the world that you'll have some use for as you find weapons in Destiny that you want to stick with.  This is a lower intensity activity
  • Raids - 6 player, cooperative required, communication required gameplay. High challenge. We haven't talked much about this yet and I'm not going start that conversation here on NeoGAF
  • Multiplayer This is for the "shoot other players" mood.

Now, the second part is how the world has been built.

We've structured Destiny's world to have places where you will probably intersect with other players, and places where you won't. We're not going to have players drop into the climax of a mission, but the common landing zones for a given planet? That seems like a great place to see other players running amok in the world.

EDIT: Regardless of what activity you're playing (PVP aside), you'll see players on their own activities, i.e., players beginning a Strike might see a guy collecting Relic Iron on Mars, and a Public Event begins and suddenly everyone is distracted to take down a key Cabal target for a chance at powerful gear and materials to upgrade your best weapons and armor.

A bunch of folks are playing the Alpha now and we're already seeing all kinds of opportunities for places to improve Destiny. I have no doubt that in the Public Beta, we will learn even more from your feedback and experiences.

I'm not going to get into any of the recurring activities or gearing or class stuff today, but I imagine we'll start to try and explain stuff more soon.

PS. I will fudgy love this game... I can see what they are doing because seems a evolution of what Warframe is.


Yeah it does remind me of warframe and borderlands, but I expect it to be better than both
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okay guys so who all is signed up for the alpha   and the beta




I signed up for the beta with a code a while ago... when I pre-ordered..
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I'm signed up for the beta awhile ago. But no word yet, i can't remember the email account i used either..


sweet, lets keep this thread to organize playing together,   if you guys are down.


I signed up for the Alpha and Beta.


Turn on playstation now, the alpa is streaming!


Beautiful picture ;)


the alpha is out? man I thought I signed up for that as well.. need to sign up for hardline beta as well..
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