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Started by Dr. Pezus, May 16, 2014, 06:00 PM

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I guess people thinks those entrance/ exit scanners are more clever than they actually are.
I just think it's weird.  I've always known it was only on certain things.  
The only thing I was surprised about, is they hardly put them on movies or games.  

On the topic of theft, it's insane how common it is. I meet my mom for lunch a lot and you can just sit in parking lots watching cop cars pull up to stores.
(My) Walmart doesn't call the cops too often.
But there's a surprising amount of theft.  

They encourage us to say hi to people to deter shop lifters.  

It's happened a few times where someone got through with a basket of things.

The one time that sticks out to me though.  

This ~40 year old guy was buying garbage bags and his card wasn't working.  After like 2 tries, he picked up the box in frustration and went out the door.  


Hmm could machine learning be used to make a general twisty puzzle solver?

Use machine learning to estimate a distance from solved for any state of the puzzle. Then test all random twists from the current state to find which one brings the puzzle closest to solved. Stuff like this has kinda been done but it'd be interesting if it could be trained with multiple puzzles and still work.

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