My Unreal Engine 4 game level - Want feedback and would love suggestions

Started by nnodley, May 03, 2014, 12:06 AM

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VERY VERY VERY rough sketch of a top down view of what I've had on my mind about this level.  Most everything will likely change some except for the top left corner which what I'm wanting is a tall dog cliff with a beautiful waterfall and foliage on top and growing down the sides.  I really want that in as it will push the boundaries of my modeling for foliage and rock/cliffs. Never made water/waterfalls so that will be a fun adventure. 

So to kind of describe what your looking at.  :P

first of all the waterfall/cliff is going to extend higher than the cliffs on the opposite side that houses the walkways and buildings.  The dotted lines are showing elevation going down to the bottom where a body of water is located as well as some caves.  Hidden caves will be located behind the waterfall.  As for the buildings the ones with the diagonal lines will be the taller buildings in the town/city. There is an elevated walkway that travels along the backs of the taller buildings and connect with stairs into the walkway in front of the building.  The elevated walkway will have supports in both the ground and attached to any tree that is nearby for extra reinforcement.  Everything in bottom right is going to consists of houses/barns/etc.   It will be quite dense in foliage such as trees/shrubs/grass/etc.

Also the landscape will extend even further.  You will be able to climb/walk up the hill/pathways to the top of the waterfall to overlook the city.  I want to add in some hidden extra places that can kind of give this location a sense of uniqueness.  If anyone has any ideas on that that would be awesome.  It's late and I can't really think of anything right now. :-p  Luckily I can see most of this level in my head I just need to sketch some to have some visualization in front of me and for feedback before i get too deep into developing it. 

I'm going to also develop a few gameplay elements that I could have if this were a game, but this is not too important as it will probably not be a game anyway.  And also will develop some background info/story to give some life into the level and really be passionate about it.

OH OH also I'm going to make the buildings modernized yet have a certain futuristic sense to them.  If that doesn't work out then it will mostly be very modern and realistic.

SOOOO, shoot away with any critiques or suggestions on what may not work and what could make it better.


What type of game is it supposed to be? First person shooter or something? Or are you just going to build an environment which we can explore in?
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What type of game is it supposed to be? First person shooter or something? Or are you just going to build an environment which we can explore in?

If it were to become a game it would be a 3rd person exploration game that is pretty much open world.  However, I am building it mostly as a showpiece for my portfolio and to gain more skills in environment art.  This is literally the first environment I will have made unfortunately so I hope I can pick up Unreal Engine 4 fairly quick to use it efficiently.  I've literally been wasting my time last semester on character and creature design just to learn zbrush.  The pipeline is fairly similar to that so that is good.

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