Sony San Diego Already Gearing Up for Next MLB: The Show

Started by Raven, May 02, 2014, 10:18 PM

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Sony San Diego Studios just shipped MLB 14: The Show on PS3 and PS Vita, while the PS4 version will hit the shelves in four days, but apparently they have no intention of resting on their laurels and they are already hiring to start working on the next installment of the popular baseball series. Today SCEA posted a career opportunity ad for a Senior Environment Artist.

Sony San Diego Studios, the developer of the critically acclaimed and top-selling sports game "MLB The Show" is looking for a Senior Environment Artist with a passion for Photo real/Hyper real environment creation.
Join the team responsible for creating the highest rated sports game over the last 8 years.

Obsessive attention to detail.
Strong Maya, photoshop and zbrush/mudbox skills.
Strong Hard surface modeling skills.
Strong experience and techniques in creating plants, shrubs and vines.
Model and texture stadiums and environments that accurately portray the real world structures.

Considering that MLB: The Show is an annual series, it's not so surprising that the studio is already gearing up for the next game. There's definitely no rest for sports game developers.
One thing is for sure: from everything we've seen the team set the bar quite high with visuals on MLB 14: The Show on PS4 despite the fact that it's a cross-generation game, it'll be interesting to see by how much they'll surpass it with MLB 15.
Another interesting question is: will the next game still be cross platform? We'll have to wait and see for an answer on this one.


Good to see that some Sony studios aren't losing staff left right and centre  ;)


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